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Digital Leaders Needed!

September 15th, 2015 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

Do you enjoy computing in school?
Would you like to spend some time developing your skills?
Are you interested in going to other classes and supporting teachers?

If the answer is yes, then you should apply to become a digital leader!

The role of a digits, leader involves:

  • Supporting younger children
  • Updating the ICT blog (you will have your own password to log in)
  • Helping to manage the ICT suite
  • Attending an after-school club where you can learn new skills

If you are interested, tell me why you want to be involved by posting a comment below.



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  • Nylah

    I would love to be a digital leader because I enjoy supporting younger children. I also love after school clubs which get me more involved in my ICT! I am good at being organised because I have been in involved in so many activities for the past few years such as Reading Buddy’s, Brookying and school council. I would love to finish primary school as a digital leader. Nylah 🙂

  • Maisy

    I would like to come a computer helper because i think everyone should have coding skills ( good skills to have)
    I would like to become it so i can help other people to code with scratch 1 and 2.
    It is also fun to do coding with other people and it is good for year 6 to have some responsibility as we are at the top of the school!!!! ( it is good fun having you as a teacher)

    hope you have fun reading this from maisy

  • Lily

    I would like to be a digital leader because i have very good expieriance with coding as i went to code club for two terms so i know scratch and kodu and x ray goggles so i can teach other children how coding works. I will put in much effort to try read cod and be able to write code very soon so if i need a short cut i can always write code.
    Hope this appeals to you lily

  • Jessica

    I would like to be a Digital Leader because I am familiar with coding (scratch, koudu ) and more I have good coding skills since I have been to koudu in the past. I would love to be a Digital Leader but so will others
    Thanks Jessica

  • Jessica

    I mean code club

  • ronya

    I think i should become a Digital leader because:
    1. I am very good at using computers
    2. I know how to use scratch and kodu
    3. I love using computers and other electronic devices.
    I do hope that I can become a digital leader but if I am not chosen I would respect that decision.

  • samuel

    I would like to be a digital leader because it will be a new challenge.It will be a new responsibility witch i will enjoy. I am good at handling electrical goods.

    I would love to be a digital leader
    Thanks samuel

  • Daisy

    i think I would love to be a digital leader because I have bean to code club and I love scratch and kodu and especially x-ray goggles I love what we did with the lego and I just love helping others

  • leoma

    I would love to be a digital leader because I went to code club and I would love help other children to love it as much as I do . My favourite subject is I.C.T .It would be a good new challenge for me . I would help them in KODO /SCRATCH/CODING LEGO . I was a brooky and I would use the skills I learnt to help the younger children I would love to learn more about I.C.T by helping others

    From Leoma 🙂

  • Maddie

    I think I would be good for a digital leader because…
    1. I enjoy teaching ICT
    2.I love being creative at home using powerpoint
    3.I would love to help out and learn more about ICT!
    I also know how to use Scratch and other ICT projects.
    Thanks for listening, Maddie! xxx

  • Maddie

    I forgot to mention that I went to code club and love ICT!

  • Mr Alderdice

    Thank you for your applications!
    I have enough space for you all to be digital leaders!
    Congratulations! 🙂